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Reach the Professionals that are Shaping the Industry – As a CHMA sponsor, you will be given the opportunity to reach the professionals that are shaping the industry and reaching the student population. There is no other Canadian organization that offers such a concentrated group of Hospitality Managers and students, all coming together to discuss, learn, network and be inspired. CHMA represents over 50 institutions across Canada.

Get Exposure to 3,000 – 60,000 Young Adult Peers in One Community – CHMA’s prime demographic is the 19-25 year old post secondary student. Our members represent between 3,000 – 60,000 young adult peers in one community. Each institution, large or small has a very captive audience and it is widely known that every Campus Hospitality facility will service the vast majority of each of these communities during the average tenure of its students.

Access a Microcosm of the Youth Market in Canada – Many marketing and advertising campaigns have been launched from these very testing grounds and moreover, each college or university setting represents a microcosm of the youth market in Canada. Add to this mix the fact that these venues are run by industry professionals at the top of their game, and you have a recipe for instant success.

Tap $60 Million of Food and Beverage Revenues – CHMA member establishments generate upwards of $60 million worth of food and beverage revenues annually and are at the cutting edge of current trends, bringing a dynamic network of professionals with both private and public sector experience together.

Establish Brand Loyalties – University and College students are the target market for many companies and products, making life decisions and establishing brand loyalties. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with the folks who know them best!

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