Greg Photo

Greg Plester– CHMA Chair

Starting as a dishwasher many years ago I never thought this was going to be my career path.  Over many years, with many positions in many restaurants I began to understand why I never left and that was because of the people! That was the drive that has taken me coast to coast and across 30 different restaurants and six brands. I am very proud to work with everyone from when I started as a line cook, became a General Manager, completed regional work, and even when I became a new store opening co-coordinator. Even with all of these various positions under my belt it has always been about sharing the great experiences with peers and guests. Now being a part of this organization I have the opportunity to share service and training practices, build new relationships and be a part of something bigger with the CHMA and its members. I am very excited to see where this year takes us and the years to come!


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