Lua Turcotte

Lua Turcotte- Secretary

I count myself lucky for having stumbled into the Campus Hospitality life.  I had almost completely escaped a long history in the hospitality industry and was selling real estate when this opportunity enticed me back!  Almost immediately, I knew my biggest challenge (and best reward) would be the family ties I would build with my Student Staff.  My 10 year old daughter has generously given up her status as only child – to 50 grown adults that refuse to stop calling me Mom.  P.S.  I’m too damn young to be their Mom!!!

I’ve hired and fired, I’ve cooked and cleaned; I’ve planned menus and planned events; I’ve sampled chicken fingers until I grew feathers and sampled beer until… well…  It’s never the same 2 days in a row around here and that’s what makes this my dream job!

As for CHMA, I kinda stumbled into this organization too!  In the past 4 years there is no way I would have lead us to achieve the successes we have around here without the support of my friends from across the country.  Our growth plans are often the direct result of CHMA National Conference sessions, and our off the wall fun is almost always inspired by a late night conversation with a CHMA member.  The memories and friends, connections and learning opportunities that this organization has provided me are priceless!  #somuchlearning

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